Hello, and welcome.

My name is Ron Jones and I am attracted to women who have had an amputation.

For many of you who are reading this, you understand completely what I am talking about and the powerfulness of the desire.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this interest, I extend a special welcome and I invite you to go to You Like What?? for an explanation.

Some of you who have this desire and have not yet realized your dreams may feel like its a curse.  I know you have experienced a lot of frustration.

Some of you may feel that this desire is wrong or shameful.  I know you have experienced a lot of internal conflict.

I know because I share this desire with you - I am you!  I have known the internal conflict, and Ive felt the frustration.

Yet, I have been fortunate to have had the privilege of sharing this desire, this gift, with some of those very special and unique women.  And from this, and knowing your pain and frustration, I decided to share my experiences with you in a book I call, The Special Gift - How I Turned My Attraction to Amputee Women into the Reality of My Life.

It was a long process for me to transform my desire from a deep embarrassing secret, to the reality of having a loving relationship with a woman with an amputation.  Yet I realized that I did specific things to make this transformation.  I share my process with you so that you may realize your dreams too.

For you that share this desire, I want you to know that it is not wrong, not a curse, but a special gift. And with that desire comes the way to fulfill it.

I am not special.  You can do it too.

Share your gift with that special woman.

It is to this goal that the book and this website is dedicated.