How I Turned My Attraction to Amputee Women into the Reality of My Life

The book is the story of my search for love with a special desire that most people are unaware of, and when informed, often think is sick or perverted..  I am one of those special men who finds a woman with an amputation sexually attractive.  Having discovered this special feeling in my youth, I went through a process over time of evolving this desire from embarrassment and inner conflict, to acceptance as a special gift from God to be expressed and shared in my life. By honoring my desire as the truth of myself, I have been able to share this gift with some of those special women.

The book is my heartfelt story of my quest to express my love in a world in which I sometimes felt like an outsider.  In “The Special Gift” you will discover through my adventures and travails those things that were important for me in transforming my desire into the reality of my life:

 *  The importance of converting your desire from “wanting” to “having”
 *  The power of choice
 *  The importance of imagination in realizing your desire
 *  How to put yourself “in the picture”
 *  Overcoming negative reactions of others
 *  Using objects and symbols to help you get the feeling of having
 *  The wisdom of seeking love as the target of your desire

“With thanks to all of those who have been part of my life story, and dedicated particularly to those very special women with whom I’ve had the privilege to share the gift.”


Published by:  
  New Awareness Press

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